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the Last of the Dashkin the Last of the Dashkin

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great stuff.

The story was very left nothing for the viewer to think about that you didn't blatantly want them to think about.

And personally, I liked your work without the narration, that seemed to ruin it a bit for me...even if it was replaced with some stylized text that would have been better in my opinion.

I really look forward to the conclusion.

//Necropolis Xenophobe //Necropolis Xenophobe

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great, but a few drawbacks I think.

First, I don't remember anything in the bible that says anything about sorcery (not that I'm particularly adept at remembering bible bits, but that probably would have stood out to me). Second, that world has no government, a company creates MAGIC, and PROTESTERS are still a threat? Even without magic, they should have guns or something to protect themselves, so they don't get taken out by just some chick. I mean, the white guy goes far enough to make a code with his wife, but doesn't think to get a gun, or any sort of security for him and his wife?

Also, the lead enemy girl was dragging her by her hair in public. Lawless or not, some people have morals, and would stop that, that really isn't something that just happens. I see kidnapping, but dragging someone kicking and screaming down a street? Especially when the people are apparently religious buffs, wouldn't they have a stronger moral fiber? The stepbrother thing was really unnecessary, you made it sound like that was a hidden weapon, it could have been replaced with "She don't know, he's got the largest arsenal or nuclear arms on the planet". And he fired on a crowd of people, does he really need to have the stepbrother thing to push him to probably disregarding human life?

The art was very nice, the animation flowed very well, the girl however sounded like she was in a cave or a loudspeaker or something. And why does everyone have a scar on their face? What do they all belong to a gang where in order to get in, you have to cut your face? Did that replace baggy pants as a sign of badassness? Was there an eye cutting competition and half of the whole area wanted to fight? That was really stupid.

And why could that girl jump like that? Magical guy, makes sense, could have some kind of body augmentations, but that girl during the fight, jumped like Spingheeled Jack all over the place, and she was against the magic. What happened to the white guy's wife during the fight? She run? Hide? That's sort of important because she was actually fighting in the fight, she had impact, she could have stopped the syringe or something, so for her to just vanish is poor writing. And why didn't he just magic-grab the enemy and toss her over the edge? The area was open enough for the cab to just come on in, and it didn't look like a short fall.

And the magic looked like old time alchemy mixed with the witches "bubble bubble toil and trouble." It would have been nice to explain further how the magic was discovered, and why we couldn't discover it earlier. Maybe that would explain why it's so immoral.

You created a lawless world, and you deal with none of the consequences. There are no slaughterers just going over people in cars, there are no gangs, to supreme vandalism like there would be with lawlessness, and no weapons or means of defense against those things. And if it isn't lawless, then it would have to have a government, and would have to work in a fashion that wouldn't allow murdering corporate leaders and dragging people across town by their hair, and firing in crowds of people.

And if you did come up with a system of shadow government, you should explain that, and how it works to prevent hell but still allow the things that are going on.

Screaming was obnoxious, sometimes the voice acting seemed really fake, removed me from the story, you need an actual recording room or something of high quality to record better voices.

I liked it, 8 outta 10 as far as flash goes, but it's not perfect, barely even close.

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|~Enemy In The Snow~| |~Enemy In The Snow~|

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I liked it a bit.

Your including of love is so obvious however, that it is expected, and thus has no real impact...Your stories consist of love, no character buildup, no knowing how they fell in love, nothing like that, just love, and then your characters doing something for their love. If you didn't do that ALL the time, it would have something unexpected about it, but you don't...

I didn't get attached to her at all, so when she died I didn't care...She had a dangerous mission, she completed the dangerous mission, that's about it. You have no idea of who the character was or why you should miss her...I don't even know her name because no one said it.

As for the animation itself, overall it was nice, but a few things...First, all of your characters who aren't part of the story look the clone troopers or something...makes it feel unrealistic. The giant swords seemed very fake, who in their right mind in the head of the military would consider a 1 wide but 6 foot long sword a useful weapon? And there were 5 guys with rifles, and the entire base was too stupid to send counter snipers? All this makes it so unrealistic you can't get into it...

The art was pretty good, she walked a bit stiff but that could have been intended...Her costume looked like something you would wear on Halloween...A little heart on the helmet, how cute...that doesn't make any sense. Who would put a heart on a helmet for a medic because it's cute? When has any military ever done anything cute? The backgrounds weren't bad, but I had no feel for the texture of anything, nothing looked like metal or snow or concrete, it all looked liked something rubbery and everything had the same value.

The mouths moved very's like they had no jaws...Tiny little mouths that couldn't open... And she was wearing make-up? A little lipstick to go with her styled hair?

All these unrealistic things add up, and when you put in something real, like war, it makes it conflicting and just...fake. Now I know everything doesn't have to be realistic by today's standards, the large robots, the huge weapons, but there are just things that aren't real by human intelligence for instance, she walked right in...just walked right in, there were no guards checking for ID, no gates, just a giant pathway...who would do that? Those giant weapons and robots, and they couldn't take out a couple guys with rifles? Snow based camp that just sticks out, no attempts at camouflage...their armor had black parts right in it. The riflemen had red scarves.

The riflemen looked like giant stereotype anime tough guys...the guy with the toothpick, the guy with the band aid on his nose...When they were checking for the bomb at the end, they just glanced in the room, staying at the doorway...They too looked like generic anime tough guys, head cocked to the side, messy sharp dark hair...Also they had no guns, just their giant Cloud Strife swords...Because...obviously that's the smart thing to bring to a potential fire fight...And currently, the armor worn protects the chest from high caliber rounds like that, this is obviously set in a more technologically advanced time, why is their armor so much more pathetic and useless than our armor is now?

She shoots someone blocking her path, and let's the scientists just run out screaming...and she's so devastated when her cover is blown? She knew exactly where she was going, it took 2 tries to get the right combo on the door, no one notices the medic running away from the sick people. Was she fighting an army of retards or something? All these things add up to how fake it is and it just loses its captivating qualities.

Everything you went for was undone by all this...there was supposed to be sadness when she died, but you don't know who she is, so why would you care? It was supposed to be a daring mission when she was fighting an enemy so stupid it was pathetic, and then she did something stupid to screw it up.

Overall it was nice, but these things made it just silly...

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SpikeVallentine responds:

I LOVE YOUR REVIEW! YOUR HONESTY!!!!!!!!!! And I have request. If you've held back, next time be twice as honest/harsh. I LOVEEEEE IT! Look how much i've learned!

I agree with everything you said 1,00000000000%

And this wasn't a project i spent 80 years on etc. I just wanted to do it. didn't put much thought.

Your review did a much better job than this movie.

"Your including of love is so obvious however, that it is expected, and thus has no real impact...Your stories consist of love, no character buildup, no knowing how they fell in love, nothing like that, just love, and then your characters doing something for their love. If you didn't do that ALL the time, it would have something unexpected about it, but you don't..."
I agree with you 1 billion percent. There's no journey or arch for the love interests.

I normaly quote "What the reviewer said" then give my response.
but everything you've said is 1,000,000,000% on the same page as me.

I loooooove your honesty. and you saying everything etc.
i love how you made jokes too. hhahahahahah..

yeup, this ain't a real movie. just practice. Didn't feel like putting more than a week and a half in this. i never made a real movie yet...

GhostFight-BOS-Part1 GhostFight-BOS-Part1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

it was great special effects

but i didnt like the control scheme, cause i dont even think it seemed to randomly set me too close or too far to see anything between the scenes, the arrows worked, but the whole control thingy didnt work too good... great flash, i just think that the "control the camera" thing would have worked better if there was a default that didnt move, so you could see the movie the way it was intended...

Kingdom Hearts Anime pt2 Kingdom Hearts Anime pt2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


directly from the comic...nice...although i think the whole thing goes forward a bit too fast...

Reiko - S'no Fair Reiko - S'no Fair

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

its pretty awful...

ive never heard of this character before, but its kinda obvious that you dont need to really do any research to know what was going on...but the animation was was drawn nice (the characters anyway) but you couldnt animate for crap...the humor was mildly good...the audio was recorded badly, as well as extremely fake, and poorly voiced...the sound effects were weird... all in all it made a pretty bad movie...

Cosby VS Pikachu Cosby VS Pikachu

Rated 3 / 5 stars

oh man

i expected it to be something to just give me blam points but that was funny...all the sound effects and stuff...your right the production was a lil crappy, but i dunno i think that made it funnier

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Super-Luis's Newgrounds Super-Luis's Newgrounds

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty good

but it was a lil unoriginal with the hand faces (though i liked the angry one) and you had some stiff competition with was a lil fast, but its was pretty good though, i like it

X-MAS Mario VS Mouser X-MAS Mario VS Mouser

Rated 3 / 5 stars

did you use ms paint?

because...thats a kinda stupid idea...seeing as how you needed flash to make the movie, why not use flash to animate it?

Steel-the-hedgehog responds:

oh darn! you are more and more brainless.
because! it's an animation style! it's an ANIMATION!!
and YES i animated it in flash, want to know the meaning of animation? "A simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures, or frames" I must draw it in flash??? that's what you think?.
Why don't you do something more smoother than this? ok go do some stick figure animation like the rest! and darn, is that an animation??

danomano's New Grounds danomano's New Grounds

Rated 5 / 5 stars

yet another

if this keeps up i am jumping on this bandwagon FAST!!!

btw i love your voice, its got this comedic inside on it....its ranked up with master cheifs on the "voices i would like to have" list... btw, im a fan of your art, animation not as much as your art, but i still like it...

webcam, check, comes with mic, flash, flash ability, lotsa time....ya....ya i think ill see if wanna do this